A Kitchen is For Life – Not Just For Christmas

Every time a celebrity chef clicks their fingers, a poor defenceless kitchen is cruelly left deserted and alone by its owner. Some go for months without cooking a proper meal. As a society, we should make it our responsibility to end this cruelty, and Christmas is the perfect time to raise awareness.

Get Cooking For Christmas

It may seem like talking about Christmas starts earlier every year, but November really is the best time to consider whether you want to have to roast your Christmas turkey in a kitchen that’s just not up to the task.

For many people, Christmas is all about the food – roasted (free-range, corn fed) turkey, mince pies, mulled wine, rum-soaked Christmas pudding en flambe. If cooking all of that is a prospect that fills you with dread, perhaps the problem is that your kitchen isn’t up to scratch. There’s nothing more off-putting than cooking in a cramped, badly organised and underachieving kitchen.

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Get cooking for life

This year’s trend has been about slowing down. Nobody wants fast food any more, we want properly cooked meals: a trend that’s been hugely encouraged by high profile celebrity chefs helping people back in to their kitchens. A pre-packaged microwaveable Christmas Dinner for Four just won’t cut the mustard this year. Not even an M&S pre-packaged microwaveable Christmas Dinner for Four.

More than ever, a kitchen is for living, not just for Christmas. Once you’ve felt the joy of cooking in a well-made kitchen, you’ll want to make a roast dinner every Sunday, a meal every evening, and cakes and pastries all through the week. Get a quote on a new fitted kitchen today and make this year a Christmas to remember – your sprouts will never have tasted so good!

Don’t let anything get in your way

When designing your perfect kitchen, try to think about what will compliment the shape of the room, where extra space can be found with corner cupboards and retractable storage. You probably want to be able to have more than one person in the kitchen at any one moment, so it’s worth figuring out how to get as much floor space as you can, too. Top it all off with some top class utilities, and you’ll be set up for years to come.

We have also helped many disabled people find quotes for kitchens designed specifically with accessibility in mind: thoughtfully designed features such as rise-and-fall surfaces and utilities can make a world of difference to wheelchair-bound homeowners. So, if you have a disability, don’t let it come between you and the pleasures of cooking your own food.

If your kitchen fills you with fear, when it should be filling you with food; if it gives you fresh problems when what you want is fresh produce; vote for change today with KitchenQuoter.co.uk, and get a free instant quote on a brand new kitchen.

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