"A Great choice and thank you for the recommendation"

Solar Panel Quoter – online solar panel quotes works but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one delighted homeowner wrote yesterday about his experience of using Solar Panel Quoter

“A great choice and thank you for the recommendation. Generated 6.7KWh today… and it’s only just March!”

As we posted last week, millions in Government solar subsidies is going unclaimed.

Of the £51million allocated by the Government for Feed-in Tariff payments in the first year, only £6.3million has so far been claimed (9 months into the year).

Feed-in Tariff’s pay you, the homeowner, a generous subsidy for every kilowatt of electricity you generate, whether you use that energy yourself or sell the surplus back to the National Grid.

Like Mr J of Ruslip, Solar Panel Quoter can give you an instant online quote and afterwards, if you request it, match your location with reputable solar panel installation companies in your area.

Try New SolarPanelQuoter – easier than ever before to use.

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