A grand entrance

I want a door with better security
I want a door that shuts properly without sticking
I want a door that doesn’t let in draughts
I want a door that I can open with one hand
I want a larger doorway
I want a red door.

Whatever your reason for wanting a new entrance door, you’ll find todays modern upvc and composite doors tick all the boxes and then some.

Because there is so much choice in style, fittings, and even glass or solid panels, not to mention colours, pretty much every house on your street could have a completely different looking door.

And looks are an important aspect in deciding that you do want a new door too. We talk about first impressions and no-where is this more obvious than the door you greet people at.

But back to more practical reasons, modern doors incorporate the latest security measures including shielded locks and hinges, with multi-point locking systems that physically lock the door top and bottom. All locks are controlled by a single key and handle which is much easier than juggling bags whilst having to use both hands to open a door.

Doors sticking or not shutting properly become a thing of the past too. Because the locking and fitting is integral to the frame, the installation includes fitting the door and frame as a single component. So both line up with each other and when shut, produce a weather-proof, draught-proof seal. The frame also houses the receptacles for those multi-point locking systems.

Don’t worry if you’ve got telephone cables etc running through your existing old frame. Fitters can carefully cut around these, freeing them up to be incorporated within the space between the frame and the wall.

And if you’ve got an old stone step incorporating a steel lip, then this is easily removed by the installation team – the resulting grove filled in and usually covered by the new frame anyway. Certainly was on my old house (the fitters certainly earned their wages that day – I’d have never thought that little strip of metal would take so much careful digging out).

Totally draught-proof. Your new door can come, specified with numbers, letterboxes, door knockers and even cat flaps. All built in at the manufacturing stage to reduce heat loss and increase comfort to the max. Any glass or solid panes are sealed and as draught-proof as your double glazed windows are.

Expand your old doorway – if you’re having a new door fitted, then it’s the ideal time to do some modifications to your entranceway. Perhaps you could do with making the doorway wider for buggy or disabled access? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of incorporating a window beside your doorway to let more light into a previously dark hallway or room? When fitting a new doorway, you can incorporate any length of window pane beside or either side of the door itself. Doors come in many widths, some specifically for wheelchair users so don’t be afraid to ask when companies discuss your requirements.

It may be possible to extend the doorway to incorporate a double door arrangement – wish we’d had that when we moved house. It would have been very handy for moving the large furniture out.

No matter what your reasons or what your requirements, there’s a new door out there with your number on it. Use WindowQuoter to get your instant online front, back, patio, french or stable door quote.

photo credit: rev stan

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