A glass for every conservatory and budget.

Glass technology has being keeping pace with the popular and rising demand for glass roofs in conservatories. This increase in demand may be due to more homeowners viewing a conservatory as an extension to their living space rather than the addition of an occasional room for the Summer.

So when homeowners are discussing their conservatory specification for a quote, it’s worth remembering the options are that readily available.

For example, you can now specify glass roofs (and side panels to) with anti-glare coatings, which reduce the suns glare. These coatings are very useful in roofs and do not affect the light levels.

You may prefer to combine anti-glare properties with coatings that reflect the sun’s heat carrying waves. This blocks the suns energy keeping conservatories cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter by reflecting warmth back into the interior of the conservatory.

reduces energy bills

It reduces energy bills in both heating and cooling with it’s improved U-values, just like a-rated energy efficient window coatings.

Finally, you can also specify coatings which help keep the glass clean by encouraging self-washing. Ideal again for roofs, these durable coatings work by encouraging organic matter to break down in the sunlight so that when it rains, the rainwater washes off the dirt accumulation. The glass surface is usually hydrophilic which means rain water runs off without leaving water droplets which can dry and leave unsightly spots.

Of course all these different options come at a cost but it’s worth knowing in advance what is available and discussing with your preferred conservatory company if they offer these coated glasses.

We’ve noticed some incredible deals on offer around the country at the moment, for example free upgrades to glass roofs from the normal polycarbonate roofs, which could make extra coatings a very worth while exercise in your future comfort and enjoyment of your conservatory – all year round.

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