766,666 homes missed out on solar tariff in West Midlands

solar energy – even in Autumn & Winter!

nPower (source Evesham Journal) reckon that West Midlands residents could have missed out on over £8million year in feed-in tariff payments.

There are 2.3million households in the West Midlands region, with an estimated one third of them having a roof facing between south-east and south-west.

That’s 766,666 homes that could, claim nPower, been better off to the tune of over £1,100 a year from tariff payments as a result of a solar panel installation on their home.

Remember, solar photovoltaic panels work on daylight, rather than just direct sunlight, so even in the Autumn / Winter, months, they’ll still be generating electricity, but perhaps more importantly, they’ll still be generating an income from the feed-in tariff.

photo credit: ryk neethling

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