62% of homeowners are aware of solar feed-in tariffs

With the Government’s feed-in tariffs one year old this April, a survey by one solar panel manufacturer has revealed a massive 62% of homeowners are aware of the feed-in tariffs and the financial benefits they can bring.

48% of the survey reckoned they were more likely to install solar panels because of the payments made under the feed-in tariffs.

Those figures will come as a welcome relief to the Department for Energy and Climate Change who have come under fire for recently announcing large reductions to the amounts paid by the tariffs for installations over a certain size.

Homeowners shouldn’t have anything to fear as the the cuts were aimed at larger commercial premises and ‘brown field’ sites where investors were set to make huge returns, at (the Government reckoned) the expense of the homeowners, the feed-in tariffs were originally set up to help and encourage.

Ofgem figures suggest that the average household with a photovoltaic solar panel installation will have saved around £900.

Between April 2010 and this March, there have been 24,744 solar installations registering to participate in the feed-in tariffs, resulting in over £4.5 million being paid back to consumers.

One homeowner, based in Lancashire reckoned her solar panel installation had earned her over £1,200 in electricity sold back to the grid. This was in addition to any savings off her regular energy bills.

There’s no doubt that the introduction of the feed-in tariffs has proved a huge boost for the solar panel industry and helped establish renewable energy as a viable source for many homeowners.

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