5 Reasons why you should replace your old UPVC double glazing.

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UPVC double glazing has been around for longer than you think. 1st generation installations of 20 years ago or more are showing their age and advances in not only glass technology, but the frame extrusion design and materials used as well, mean that todays modern designs outshine their older counterparts in every respect.

That’s not to say there aren’t some installations that are still performing well. The credit for which will go to the original installation company and frame manufacturer.

But if you’re home’s windows and doors are looking a little (or a lot) tired, then here are 5 very good reasons why you may benefit from replacing your double glazing with a new installation.

1) Misted glass units.
Misting is usually caused by either a deterioration in the seal around the twin panes or the result of a chip or crack in one of the panes. This causes moisture to enter the air gap and differences in outer and inner pane temperatures result in the misting. Older units silica gel capsules may also have long since lost their moisture evaporation qualities (usually built into the sealed unit at manufacture, hence the small air holes in the inner metal spacer strip between the panes).

2) Discolouration.
1st generation UPVC double glazing suffered from varying degrees of discolouration – a result of the ‘blend’ of ingredients used to make the plastic extrusion from which the frames and panels were made. Modern technologies have removed this early discolouration but for many older installations, this is just too late.

3) Insulation properties.
Did you know that modern low-e glass has a special coating which makes it as thermally efficient as triple glazing? Glass panels also come with the option to have the air gap between the panes filled with inert gases which increases their thermal insulating properties.

4) Broken window stays, locks and handles.
The older the window, the harder it is to find compatible spare handle and hinges, stays and locking mechanisms. It’s possible you might have to compromise on design or the actual look of a particular handle when replacing it.

Of course, frame design has also moved on – modern designs feature state of the art multi chambered sections, placing more barriers between the outside and inside of your home so more heat is retained. Many window designs now carry an a-rated energy efficiency certificate, which of course, ultimately increases your home’s overall energy efficiency rating.

5) Recyclable.
A long time ago, UPVC window recycling wasn’t even a dream but with modern methods and a greater desire to recycle anything that’s possibly recyclable, the double glazing industry is starting to take it’s responsibility towards land-fill very seriously.

Old UPVC frames can be stripped and recycled at special facilities with the resulting plastic broken down and reused in window frame extrusion manufacture. It’s been proven that this cycle can be repeated many times before the recycled material cannot be re-used for window extrusion purposes. Several high profile window installation companies are championing the cause and urging window manufacturers to offer recycling facilities to all their window company customers. More than 50,000 tonnes of PVC were recycled in 2008, beating the 42,000 tonnes recycled in 2007.

So if you’ve been thinking your homes old double glazing is looking past its best or you think you could save even more money on your heating bills, then why not get a quote for replacing all or some of your windows or doors?

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